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Green Technologies helping the Planet.
                                                                                 "If you do not recycle, reuse. If you do not reuse, reduce"

Information technology has become a strategic necessity for any business whether it is for process management,
service optimization, knowledge, or narrowing of your target audience. With the intense use of information technology by people and companies, the need for computational infrastructure is increased. This computational infrastructure is data centers that imply an increase in energy consumption, but there are some actions that contribute to minimize this consumption, such as;

• Air-conditioning adjustment that influences the airflow within the data centers.
• Acquisition of equipment with certificates.
• Rationalization of servers.
• Virtualization of servers.

Green IT unites the use of information technology in the concept of sustainable development in order to minimize the impact caused by technological resources and encouraging the conscious use of the equipment, so that it is used efficiently and consuming less energy. Some measures adopted by Zion Tech Group;

• Reduced paper usage and printing.
• Intranet creation.
• Processes via the web, such as attendance, video conferencing, etc.
• Prioritize transactions between companies made electronically, such as E-invoicing and E-billing.
• Dispose of junk e-mail intelligently.

Zion Tech Group encourages

Energy Management

• Monitoring of energy consumption in IT equipment to reduce infrastructure costs, software licensing, elimination of idle hardware, skilled labor and conscious use.
• Programming in notebooks and computers for economical and rational use of energy.
• Monitor brightness contributes to energy savings

Conscious Computing

• Acquisition of products with green seals that use Green IT in the manufacturing of equipment.
• Avoid buying products of dubious origin, without guarantee and socio-environmental responsibility.
• Power saving configuration of equipment.
• Measures of conscious use.

Data Centers 

Decrease in the amount of equipment through;
• Virtualization,
• Rationalization,
• Application network,
• Computational Grid,
• Cloud Computer, etc..

Smart Disposal

Zion Tech Group practices and provides the right destination for junk mail, such as laptops, desktops, batteries, cartridges, and more. Practice and incentive to donate equipment to public schools to contribute to future generations

Conscious Use

To raise awareness among its employees to adopt sustainability measures in the daily life, such as;
• Print economy.
• Correct use of equipment.
• Correct disposal of electronic waste.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Zion Tech Group provides properly discarded equipment to charities to promote digital inclusion. Values ​​its employees through ethics and transparency in all its decisions, which aims at respect and diversity