Apple is losing value and that’s a good thing

Apple is losing value and that’s a good thing

Apple must be doing something right as the cost of Apple ID data on the Dark Web has dropped, even as the value of Fortnite, Facebook, Netflix and Uber accounts has increased.

Apple is losing value

Last year, I reported that online scammers were spending up to $15 per account on Apple ID information, making Apple customers, “the most appealing targets” for scammers.

That’s changed.

The latest edition of Top10VPN’s ​Dark Web Market Price Index​ claims scammers are only willing to spend up to $11 for this information today and are targeting arguably less well-secured services instead.

Bank details remain the most sought items on the Dark Web. These are changing hands at over $450 per account. Best Buy accounts will set you back around $27, the report claims.

Supply and demand would suggest that if the value of an Apple ID has fallen then the market must be saturated with that information.

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