3 Google privacy tips for Mac and iOS users

3 Google privacy tips for Mac and iOS users

Alternative search engines such as DuckDuckGo are attracting growing numbers of privacy focused users, but there’s no doubt that Google dominates the industry, even on Apple products. Fortunately, there are several ways to make your Google activity more private.

Do you have a Google account? (You probably do)

Do you use Gmail? Did you one use Google +? Perhaps you employ Google Drive, Google Docs or any of the company’s other products. If so, you have a Google account.

You can sign into this account online (at google.com) or through the app – just tap the identity icon at the top right of the browser and choose Account.

You’ll be directed to a page which offers several topics (Home, Personal Info, etc). The Home page lists multiple privacy and security topics.

These are tools that regulate your use of Google services via an Apple (or any) device, in a sense they override the privacy settings on your Apple product, so you should get to know Google’s settings, too.

How to control Web & App Activity on Google

Google collects information about your search and app activity. That is all the searches you’ve made, and more. It keeps this data indefinitely by default, but you can control this.

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