Why Apple’s little ‘Find My’ Tile competitor is big news

Why Apple’s little ‘Find My’ Tile competitor is big news

Apple is expected to introduce its own Tile-competing tracking device(s), perhaps as soon as fall. So, what are the advantages of the device, what can we expect, and what happens next?

Freedom from networks

There are hundreds of tracking devices available today. These cost anything from tens to hundreds of dollars and in most cases require you sign-up to a network provider for SIM card-based network access.

That SIM is how your position is tracked.

Apple hasn’t announced its product yet, but if (as I suspect) the company chooses to supplement – or even replace – SIM-based location tracking with its Bluetooth mesh-like ‘Find My’ service then it could cut the cost of these solutions.

This is because Find My isn’t completely reliant on the SIM card, but instead uses what Apple tells me is highly secure Bluetooth signalling, encryption and all tied up to your iCloud account.

The impact is that no one else – including your network – knows where you or your possessions are.

Private by design

That segues nicely into the next hot feature for Apple’s purported product:


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