iOS 13: Apple’s big BYOD improvements help enterprise pros

iOS 13: Apple’s big BYOD improvements help enterprise pros

Apple may place much of its focus on Apple Arcade and consumer-friendly iPad/iPhone features, but there are numerous enterprise-focused enhancements wrapped up inside iOS 13.

The BYOD enterprise

The company’s latest operating systems introduce a host of productivity-enhancing upgrades, particularly for the iPad.

Yet the biggest improvements specifically for enterprise users aim to make a more robust division between personal and enterprise data for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) deployments, solving one of the big challenges in the space.

Speaking at an industry event, Susan Prescott, vice president of product marketing for enterprise and education noted (video) that much of Apple’s success in BYOD was generated by acceptance of iPads by business users, not just the evolution of the iPhone.

This focus on BYOD has paid off. Over 75% of employees will choose an Apple option if given the choice, while large-scale deployments such as the 300,000+ Apple solutions in use at IBM underline that its solutions are enterprise-ready.

Apple has kept this in mind in iOS 13/iPad OS, in which it has introduced a new mobile device managemnt (MDM) mode it calls User Enrollment. This works to preserve user privacy on iPhones, iPads and Macs by allowing enterprise IT to protect its own data while also protecting personal information. (This is designed for use alongside additional enhancements including Managed Apple IDs and Apple Business Manager).

Apple says that User Enrollment keeps managed accounts, apps and data cryptographically separated from the rest of the device on a separate APFS volume.

Managed Apple IDs

IT support can also provide Managed Apple IDs for employees in iOS 13. Enterprises can use these to deliver access to Notes and other iCloud services for business-related tasks. You can create these in Apple’s own MDM solution, Apple Business Manager and Apple Schools Manager.

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