Why we need Apple’s HomeKit-enabled routers

Why we need Apple’s HomeKit-enabled routers

How secure are the connected smart devices you keep in your home? How much protection have you put in place, and have you even taken a minute to change your default router password?

Computer says no

The truth is many smart home device users (and those running connected devices in smart offices, enterprises, manufacturing and beyond) may not yet have taken stock of their security.

This is a particular problem when it comes to older smart devices, many of which are still in use even though a large number of them shipped with weak or non-replaceable factory default passcodes.

The proliferation of poorly protected smart devices in conjunction with weak router security is a potential gold mine for hackers, who are eagerly attempting to crack into people’s IoT networks in order to create botnets for future use.

That’s alongside the inevitable threat that criminals will use poorly protected IoT devices as access points to penetrate networks, harvest personal and payment data, and more.

How HomeKit-approved routers will work

Apple’s promised HomeKit-enabled routers may improve protection.

One of the many iCloud enhancements Apple is attempting to bring to market in 2019, the idea is that these protect your accessories with a firewall at router level.

You can see some screen shots of how this works here, while this report explains a little more concerning how this protection works.

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